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Ruckus Ap configuration without controller

New Contributor II
Hey Everyone, I want to ask if is there any windows logiciel to configure Ruckus Ap without controller. And Thanks.


Once you reset them, they have a default IP and default credentials on the back. Connect to them hardwire using a system with a system configured on the AP's default subnet. Log into it using the https web interface (port 443, I believe) and you can configure them from there.

Can't you just press the reset button on the back? That's what i do, and from there flash them to Unleashed firmware. Yes it takes some time but it's worth it.

I wish it was that easy but unfortunately it is not I flashed the switch which was not a problem but with the access points you are not able to SSH in and the default IP address does not work.  And two clarify on the SSH even once reset, the default login and password do not work doesn’t matter if you hold the button down for five seconds or a minute. it will not reset back to factory specs sooooo there is no way to login and flash the new firmware