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Ruckus AP's in Ekahau Survey Pro

New Contributor II
Hi we are surveying a Ruckus install with Ekahau Survey Pro and we are seeing other vendor AP's populating the AP device name window but the Ruckus AP's are either blank in this window or displaying a generic Ruckus Wireless name. We would like to see the AP name i.e AP01 etc but its doesnt appear to be happening any suggestions on how to make this happen would be welcome?

Valued Contributor
OK here's an answer I got from someone at Ekahau.

Quote: "Cisco sends it (AP name) out in either probes or beacons. I don’t think Ruckus does... But feel free to send this request to your Ruckus HQ contacts and tell them to contact me if they’re interested in pursuing this further."

Let's put it on a wishlist.

New Contributor II
Hi I'm dealing with our Ruckus Account Manager at the moment and he has escalated it within Ruckus. We had gone along the route of the beacons containing the information already so its good to see you are thinking along the same lines. What we need to find out now is does Air Magnet show any AP detail just as a comparison, I have surveyed lots of Cisco installs with Ekahau but not Ruckus hence the query. I agree if it doesn't do it at the moment it needs to do it in the future as AM and Ekahau are the two market leaders for Site Survey and in a dense AP environment you need to be able to identify which AP is which on your floorplan / heatmap. Thanks for the response will let you know what I hear.

New Contributor II
Looks like we were barking up the right tree, excuse the Ruckus Big Dog pun....and its only Cisco who broadcast the AP name..I do hope it goes on the Ruckus wishlist.

Thanks for the input much appreciated.

Just came across this after a site survey on a new Ruckus deployment - No AP names identified in the survey, this would be a very useful feature.