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Ruckus AP's in Ekahau Survey Pro

New Contributor II
Hi we are surveying a Ruckus install with Ekahau Survey Pro and we are seeing other vendor AP's populating the AP device name window but the Ruckus AP's are either blank in this window or displaying a generic Ruckus Wireless name. We would like to see the AP name i.e AP01 etc but its doesnt appear to be happening any suggestions on how to make this happen would be welcome?

Valued Contributor II
Do you mean hostname or model? I have no idea how to make it display either but maybe you'll get a better answer as a result 🙂

New Contributor II
In Ekahau there is a white oblong window for each AP discovered during a site survey, we would like this to show as the AP number relating to each Ruckus AP deployed so we can look at large numbers of discovered APs and be able to know which one is which. We have checked if the AP is named correctly and it is but for some reason the Ekahau AP name is either blank or shows and generic Ruckus Wireless name, other vendors captured during the survey show the AP designation,

Valued Contributor
Ekahau won't display that automatically since there isn't a way of getting the names of APs from scanning the WLAN network. You will have to do it manually.

The vendor name is not actually captured, what ESS does is it takes the EUI and compares it to know vendors and it displays Ruckus because it knows it's Ruckus' EUI, but the AP name in unknown to it and it will stay that way until you manually input a name.

New Contributor II
What is the difference with Cisco and other vendors then as they give the name of the device, it doesn't show Cisco as the generic vendor name I have the full AP name details, not just Cisco either I have the captured device names of AP's around the site I surveyed, nothing was inputted manually its all been captured by ESS automatically. Are you saying ESS cant do that at all or cant do it with Ruckus?