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Question regarding guest access

New Contributor
I had a question regarding the guest wireless capabilities with Ruckus. Do I have the ability to "turn off" the wireless password requirement for guest wireless for certain times and have it require a password again after that time window, following a schedule?

Can I do this with and without a zone directory


Valued Contributor II
I didn't find any configuration option that allows for something like that. It might be easier to have two different SSID's on mutually exclusive schedules, such that the no-password one appears during certain hours, and during the other hours the password-based one appears.

The only troublesome part is you have to teach your users two SSIDs, but once their devices learn them, they should automatically join the right one.

Without a ZoneDirector, there's no formal notion of a guest network or scheduling. Of course, if you use something behind the Ruckus (e.g. some sort of firewall / UTM / gateway) to provide the captive portal functionality, it could also potentially have this feature.

New Contributor III
This feature is available in Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi under Advanced Network Settings -> User Connection settings.
You have the option to set the total duration of connection and a grace period after disconnection, so that user is not required to login again during that period.