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VF2825/VF2111 & switch

New Contributor

I have been give a VF2825/VF2111 by my TV provider to connect the setup box to VF2111,
I was wondering, can I get a switch (or a router) to connect to the VF2111 end (adapter) so I can connect two devices (my setup box & another device), without disrupting my tv boxes functions?

Esteemed Contributor II
Sorry, the VF2111 CPE is intended to connect to a SetTop Box for streaming IPtv, and will not support multiple MAC addresses on the other side.

New Contributor
Hi Michael! I am connecting a VF2811 to the router with a LAN cable and setting in another room the VF2111. 
My goal is to use the WLAN in this other room where otherwise I do not get any signal. Both Ruckus (2811 & 2111) see each other and get all lights in green... Any how I do not see in my computer any WLAN I can connect to. 
Any idea what I am doing wrong?!?!

Hi Anibal,
   The vf2111 (CPE) device is doing the wireless connection to the vf2811 (AP) using Ruckus encrypted protocol, and it's intended that you are plugging in an Ethernet connected TV set top box/PC-that-doesnt-have-wireless to the vf2111 CPE unit(s).  The vf2111 will not re-broadcast your AP WLANs to "extend" them further, which I'm afraid it sounds like you were hoping...

New Contributor

Hi I had been using this way for the past 5 to 6 years , connect VF211 to Wireless Router via CABLE , and the the other unit in my bedroom and connect my PC using LAN CABLE from the VF2811 until 2days ago, and now the IP address has become a default one  is there any solution for this?