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Licenses activation for APs on SZ124

New Contributor III
Am I suppoused to see total number of APs? For example, I activated license for 225 APs first, and then I activated 135 licenses for APs. When I go to Administration/Licenses on SZ124 should the capacity number be 360? Both of licenses are permanent and activated on one controller. When I check on the controller I see first "CAPACITY AP 225", and in the next row "CAPACITY AP 135". In my experience with other controllers (not ruckus) when you activate licenses you see total number ( that would be 360 in this case).

Contributor III
Hi Milan,

If the order has been placed by your disti to Ruckus is 360 then you seem then as one item on the controller in your case you are seeing them as twice splitted it is because, your disti has placed like this with Ruckus and so it has been delivered it this way but there shouldn't be any issues in operation.

Hope it helps!!!

Abilash PR

Greetings Abilash,

Well, first I activated 225 licenses for AP, one month later I activated license for 135 more. 135 licenses are activated one month later because that is the period when I received them. I will probably find out what is happening when we join 226th AP to a controller. But from you experience there should not be any problem with that?

Thank you for your reply!

Hi Milan,

There shouldn't be any issues, the controller is now licensed for 360 APs total irrespective of 225 and 135, when you add in 226th AP with both these licenses installed they should work fine.

In your LiMan you will see these too, let's say If you seem to have another controller working some where else which is registered under your own account you can use the un-used licenses from your first controller on the second one.

As the licenses are tied to your LiMan account it's very flexible in Ruckus, the same could be used on vSZ ( Virtual controller ).

If you navigate to System you will see the AP capacity to 360.

Abilash PR.

RUCKUS Team Member
In Admin-> Licenses, See "View Mode" Click Summary instead of List. You can see Total, Consumed, Available licenses.
List Mode is Transactional So you will see every license transaction there.
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