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Is Channelfly usable in real world scenarios?

New Contributor III
While ChannelFly is a truly remarkable technology, I'm wondering if people have found that it's usable in real-world scenarios.

For better or worse, Wi-Fi environments tend to be BYOD almost by definition, so we don't have too much control over what users show up with. And while one could work with people individually to update drivers, or have discussions about "It's not us it's them", the end result, in our experience has been end users saying "your Wi-Fi sucks", which is obviously the opposite of what we're trying to accomplish with a Ruckus deployment. (And according to Tom's Hardware it's supposed to be the other way around). In public Hotspot scenarios we'll never even hear from people whose connections didn't work, they just won't come back....

So I'm looking for guidance here from both Ruckus and from other VARs/Customers. Have you found that in anything but a completely controlled environment you safely turn on ChannelFly and have a high success rate with end users? If not, do you see this changing over time?

Either way it seems like it might be a good idea for Ruckus to put a whitepaper out there with this discussion. Customers or new VARs that are deploying this for the first time who end up with ChannelFly on by default are going to get an extremely negative first impression of Ruckus, which is really too bad because the technology overall is truly remarkable, but this one checkbox, in our experience, can change the overall experience dramatically.


New Contributor II
hi new to this..
i did found that my current setting is set to CF with 5ghz..
these few days i got complaint the wifi is keep on dc..when i check log and event/alarm..i found this channelfly keep on changing channel.
what is the best for my setting..just set to background scanning?
thank you