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IoT-capable APs, vRIoT, Node-RED, and Philips Hue - for beginners

New Contributor II
Hi.. are there any resources to help me get started with the IoT capabilities of the APs, and vRIoT? I’d ideally like to start experimenting with Philips Hue lights and motion sensors, Node-RED, IoT capable APs and vRIoT. I could do with a newbies guide to getting started with hooking it all together..

Thanks in advance for any pointers..

Cheers, James

New Contributor II

An update.  For anyone else starting out with this - I found the following videos which simplified things greatly:

Adding Zigbee Devices to the Ruckus IoT Controller

Adding BLE Devices to Ruckus IoT Controller

I now have a Hive Smart Switch, and a Philips Hue bulb as added IoT devices, and I can control them from the IoT controller interface.

What I could do with some help on now, is interfacing to this with NodeRED - not sure which node I'd start with, or how to pass requests to the controller.

Any help on that aspect, gratefully received!

Cheers, James