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Ruckus R600 - Frequent heartbeat loss & Missing SSID

New Contributor

I'm using several AP Ruckus R600 in our school for wifi access for our students. 
Currently I'm facing several issues :
  • I received quite often the alerts of heartbeat loss of our Ruckus APs. What can be the reasons, and how can I fix them?
  • Very often the APs got bugged, as in the SSID is missing. Thus I'm forced to disconnect and reconnect manually the ethernet cables of all the APs. How can I fix this problem? What can be the cause?
  • With the Ruckus APs, there are 3 SSIDs : Hotspots (for the smartphones), Lab Mobile (for mobile devices, such as laptops and tablets). As we want to filter the devices to connect to our wifi, all the devices' MAC addresses are registered in each SSID (Layer 2/MAC Address Access Control List). But Ruckus can only accept 128 registered devices for each SSID. What is the best way to filter the devices if we want to enlarge the connected devices?
Many thanks for all your helps.

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Dewi,

1. When the Controller faces issue in communicating with the AP, it will generate a Heartbeat loss event. Below is the link for more information.

2. How are you identifying that the SSID is missing from the AP?
From the Controller, click on the AP, scroll down and see the list of SSID it is broadcasting.
Alternatively, you can also login to the AP CLI and check the list of SSID it is broadcasting using the command "get wlanlist".

3. Currently 128 is the limit on the controller. If you want more for the same SSID, then you might have to go with the "Radius" based authentication which will have MAC based authentication.

Contributor III
Are you using unleashed firmware?

New Contributor
Hi, sorry for the late responses. Yes I'm using unleashed firmware
The wifi network got problems often because the devices got restarted often by itself, due to heartbeat loss. What can be the causes? How can I fix this problem?

Many thanks


       I know one other user on the forums reported issues with heartbeat loss. They were using firmware 200.7.x and had a few r600 at his office.  He reverted back the last version of firmware 200.6.x firmware. Try that and see if that helps. Note, when you rollback the firmware all settings get reset and the AP needs to be reconfigured. You can not use backup settings from 200.7.x firmware on older firmware.  Anyway after he rolled back. His heartbeat issues went away.