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Bought two used R730, want to purchase warranty

New Contributor II
Bought two used R730s. I used warranty checker, one of them says "Out of Warranty", the other one says "Asset does not exist." I contacted support and was told that sales will able to help me if contact them @ 1-855-478-2587, so I did. I've been trying to get hold of someone from 3:00PM to 5:00PM PST but I'm only able to reach their voicemail box. Can I buy extended warranty for R730s? If so, which warranty should I purchase? What is Sales' working hours? How do I get in touch with Sales?

Contributor III
Well, as far as I know. You can only get the limited lifetime warranty if you purchased Ruckus AP through Ruckus authorized resellers directly.  Buying it else where you get no warranty. Did you plan on using the r730 with a controller? Just note unleashed does not support the r730 and there are no plans to support the r730 with unleashed in the future. 

New Contributor II
Yes, I'm aware there's no warranty, that's why I want to know if I can purchase warranty for them. I am planning to use them with either vsz-h or cloud wifi.

Hi RZ,

You can find sales team contact information from below link.

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