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Increase logs in all events ZoneDirector 3000

New Contributor II
Hello all 

Hope you're well !

I am wondering if we can increase the maximum log into "All Events". 

It's limited to 2500. When this limit is reached, the oldest events will be overwritten when new events occur.

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Can we increase that limit ? Or there is another way to see much logs ?

Thanks a lot for your reply 


Valued Contributor
My ZD 1125 and 25 APs produce a lot of logging! 50-100 lines a second is not unusual.
If you have a big deployment your log can get a tad on the bulky side. Just bear in mind when you wonder where all your disk space went.

[nearly 700,000 entries in the 3h since earlier post, tee, hee].

You can limit/filter your Syslog output, if you look on your ZD, Configure/System page, Log Settings section - Show More, Warning and Critical Events, Critical Events only.  These show All, Most, or only Critical messages, and current code has further Syslog Facility levels if you wish.