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Ruckus ZD: Rejoin WLAN log messages

New Contributor III
Im currently looking into an issue whereby we see Mac device's loosing connectivity after a channelfly change on R600s on a ZD3K controller (9.13). Client stays associated to the Ap and appears to follow the AP's CSA onto the new channel however the client is unable to pass traffic until completely disconnecting and re-associating to the AP in question.

Currently got a ticket open with Ruckus regarding this, however whilst doing some digging does anyone know the relevance of the following log entry:

2016/10/20  11:42:43Low XXXXXUser[XXX] with VLAN[2] rejoins WLAN[XXX] from AP[AP-2]

the client in question does not disassociate from the AP and the only thing I see in the logs is a rejoin message above. Can anyone tell me what exactly this message (in a technical sense) is referring to?

Is this the ZD acknowledging that the client has followed the CSA and rejoined the AP on its new channel?

Esteemed Contributor II
Ask Tech Support about that question, where is the dissassociate from the Mac?  Rejoins to the same AP may indicate a client side issue however.