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Guest Accounts or Administrative Domain Restricted Accounts on the VSCG?

New Contributor II
We have an admin account for our VSCG that allows us full rights to all Administrative Domains.  Is it possible to create an account that only has admin access to specific Administrative Domains?

For example:  We sell managed Wireless/WiFi services to someone who would like to occasionally hop in the VSCG via their own account and make password changes, SSID name changes, etc.

Contributor II
Yes, under administrators, you can create a profile and apply that to users under their respective domains. Of the user is assigned to a domain, but not the admin domain, when they login they are directed directly to their domain and can't see outside of it. At the same time, only the privileges assigned to them under that domain will apply and you can prevent them from doing whatever you want.

Thanks for the help!

I do not have an Administrators option, but I do have Administration which only has options for Backup/Restore and upgrade.

I do have an Identify tab which allows me to do two things:

1> I can create a login account under users.  This lets me set a name for the account as well as a username and password for the account.

2> A User Role which allows me to create a role and pick which Administration Domain it has access to.

How do I tie the User Role created under Identity->User Roles into an actual account created under Identity->Users ?

Looks lije you are working with a vSZ-E, is that correct? Either way,that's not the user role you create for the system admin account. And in this case, you also don't have the multitenant capabilities. Only the vSZ-H has this option as well as the SCG-200.

Can you confirm which version or mode you have configured?

Where can I find what hardware model I'm running?

I do now I'm running firmware version: