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Ethernet bridging and Unleashed

New Contributor III
I currently have 2 R710s (one upstairs and one downstairs) in an Unleashed setup.  Everything works great, except I have ~3 devices that are Ethernet only, and they're nowhere near an Ethernet drop :(.

I DO, however, have an old R700 collecting dust.  I assume I can set it up in standalone mode (since it won't work with Unleashed) and set it up like and it should mostly work, as long as I disable directedDHCP?  I only need to bridge over 5Ghz, not 2.4Ghz, and I was planning on setting up separate SSID (and probably VLAN) just for the bridging.

If I, however, instead get a 3rd R710 and added it to the Unleashed network, can I just use the mesh stuff to bridge it that way without disabling directedDHCP?  I've done a ton of wireless, but never bridging.  Everything says to use WDS, even though it's flakey.  The above URL though says that Ruckus doesn't really "do" WDS, which is why I'm asking.

Thanks for the help and support for the stupid questions!


Contributor III
However, that ruckus article talks about using and old zone director ap firmware.. why not pull out a old consumer router like like a Linksys or netgear and set it as a client bridge using dd-wrt firmware or openwrt? Or if you still got old Apple express 802.11n versions and stick it as client mode. That way no wds involved.

@hayk can you elaborate on the client bridge? Do you mean the airport express is connected via Ethernet to the ruckus and then has its own WiFi network?

New Contributor III

I could, but you still have to disable directedDHCP for that to work, and I'd trying to not have to do that it possible.  However, that's definitely a plan B!

New Contributor II
That article is referring to connecting a 3rd party bridge into the ruckus platform.

The R700 isn't able to connect as a client to do that bridging.

Ruckus used to sell a product line called MediaFlex, that was designed to do what you are asking. Its discontinued but probably still available on ebay/craigslist. Its fairly outdated now, so the suggestion by hayk to flash a consumer router would probably make more sense.

Easiest option would be to just get another unleashed AP and let it mesh in. It doesn't necessarily have to be another R710 if you're trying to keep cost down. Could probably get an R310 or a refurbed R600 fairly easily. just make sure its compatible with whatever version of unleashed you are running.