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Extend Ruckus network with 3rd party WiFi extender

New Contributor
I have a client, a private school, that has one teacher's classroom that is getting a weak signal. I can't move the existing Ruckus for the area, and the school does not have the budgeted funds to add another Ruckus AP at this time. I also do not really want to turn Mesh on at this time. I have a Netgear WN3000 extender that I would like to use for the rest of their school year. The unit will join the network, it gets an IP, but there is never any traffic over it. What else do I have to do to get my extender to work?

Esteemed Contributor II
The NetGear is not compatible with Ruckus WDS, necessary for hosts behind the bridge/extender to be seen (and get DHCP).

You can try SSH to your AP(s), and issue the command:  set qos directedDHCP disable

New Contributor
Thank you for your response Michael. What would this command do?

This disables directed multcast on the AP, which should allow clients behind the Netgear WDS repeater to obtain an IP address.

New Contributor III
Hi Michael,

Which wifi 3rd party extender is compatible with Ruckus AP and vSZ nowadays?