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Equivalent of WPA label

I have some old First Data FD100 credit card units that use wifi and label the connection "WPA-TKIP". I want to remove the current AP and switch these FD100's to a Ruckus SSID. When creating a new SSID in ZD, what are the equivalent encryption options for "WPA-TKIP"? I think I've tried just about every combination of WPA and algorithm, but no luck on getting the FD100 to connect to the Ruckus SSID.
You would think that choosing WPA and TKIP on the ZD would work, but somehow these FD100 units are not able to connect to it.
Thanks. Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e5135b77e2478d109c_ead7f23e90117aff2aae1a4d4bb4ad43_lonnie038_inline-7fa39e3f-1f23-4b0f-80fd-446793caccd8-643905740.jpg1397054372

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Hello Lonnie,

When it fails what is the error seen on the device and ZD events and activities?
Do they work on open SSID on Ruckus?

if yes, please make sure that both Ruckus gear and First Data gear is running on latest code and TEST again.

By doing this we can find out whether it is some encryption/keying related issue or not.

I just had a quick peek into First Data FD100 doc at

this shows that it has more open security options on the device which you can try.

AND some best practice to follow from the doc:

You may also be able to obtain better performance by setting up
the Wi-Fi access point in some of the following ways:
•Set the Wi-Fi access point to use a non-default wireless channel
(such as 1, 6 or 11), and avoid any channel already being used by
any other Wi-Fi network within the same coverage area.
•If using more than one access point in the Wi-Fi network, ensure
that each access point is assigned a unique channel number.
• If the Wi-Fi access point has an option for “Auto Frequency,”
disable it.
• Set the b/g/n/mixed mode for the 802.11 (2.4 GHz range) to use
either g or n only, and not mixed if possible, depending upon
which terminals you have and what other devices are sharing the
access point. If all your devices support n, then use only n; but if
the devices only support different modes, then mixed is the only

Best of luck

Thank you for the advice.

How to set the SSID to only broadcast on g, not b or n, and/or broadcast only on 2.4? I can't find that.

Oh, I found it - create some groups and associate them.

Thanks again, I'll test some more.

Ok, I need to come back and ask again - is there a way to force an SSID to only broadcast on 2.4? I created an AP group and a WLAN group and was able to associate them, but the group does not have the option to switch off "enable this radio" like an individual AP does. So I can turn off 5 ghz on the AP in question, but then of course it doesn't broadcast the other WLANs on 5, and I need that. So I need some way to set one WLAN to only broadcast on 2.4.

Is this possible?