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I can ́t get ip with Ruckus 7363

New Contributor
Hi everybody!
I have a Ruckus 7363 in my office. This device was used before. Now I ́m trying create a new wifi network. I did it, but any device can ́t connect to Ruckus, any device can get ip. The device is set for works in the office network, but now I have this problem.

Somebody can help me?

Valued Contributor II
Have you been through the user guide?

There's not much to go on above, so a more complete explanation will probably help get better answers.

Did you mean "can't get ip" above? If devices aren't connecting they also won't be able to get an IP address. In order to get an IP address there also must be a DHCP server available. The 7363 can act as a DHCP server when configured for it. Did you set that up? (look in the Local Subnets section)