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EOL ZoneFlex and Knowledge Base Questions

New Contributor III

I am newbie in Ruckus world and has several questions in my mind

1. ZF7343 and ZF7762 is not supported in vSZ 3.2.
Is that mean I can't use those EOL AP at all

2. In Setup wizard after deploying vSZ ova there is a check box
"Convert ZoneDirector APs in factory settings to Virtual SmartZone APs automatically"
Let say, I forget to tick it. Can I tick it later.
Any problem if I didn't tick it

3. I have ZF7343 and ZF7762. If I need to search Knowledge Base. I need to buy Premium Contract.
I need to be able to search Knowledge Base.
What is the cheapest alternative for that.
FYI in Cisco or Aruba, I can search KB but can't download firmware. In ruckus is vice versa.

4. In vSZ 3.2 most of the time when I power on. All the services is off.
How to make it on automatically by default.
Here how to reproduce the problem
#show service
#service start


Valued Contributor
Hi Let me try to answer them.

1. Correct.

only to have them online is if the vSZ-H was upgraded from 3.x and you still will have that firmware on the vSZ.
You can select then that AP firmware under the zone configuration. 

2.  Yes
go into CLI, config and then lwapp2scg and do an accept-all, apply settings and its enabled.

3. for pricing please contact your Ruckus partner or Ruckus sales.

4. it takes time for the services to come up. they will come up. If they really don't then you need to log a support case case as that needs to be investigated in more detail outside the scope of this forum.


New Contributor III
You are right, I need to use vSZ-H then I can see zone.
I didn't see that in vSZ-E

1. In what situation I just need vSZ-E or vSZ-H or vSZ-D
2. Let say I already install vSZ-E, later I want to change to vSZ-H.
Without reinstall from beginning, can I do that from CLI.
One way to do that is
# set-factory
Any other way


Valued Contributor II
1. ZF7343 and ZF7762 is not supported in vSZ 3.2. Is that mean I can't use those EOL AP at all ---> you can use them as standalone and hardware controller though

Or (as Martin say) you can use this EOL AP in a 3.1 firmware zone at the zSZ-H, then we can use EOL and not EOL APs in the same controller (but different zones).