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Configure two R600s - configure them to work with eachother

New Contributor
I have never touched a ruckus before.   I have two R600's (no additional management program or device).   They are both direct wired to the LAN switch.  Our firewall distributed DHCP.   Do I need to do anything more than just put the same SSID and password for each to see each other or is there some additional mesh/bridge setup I need to configure?

Esteemed Contributor II
Unless using the Unleashed version of R600, Mesh capabilities require controller management (ZD or SZ).

If they are both wired to your LAN network, you can simply use them in Solo/Standalone mode. 

Same SSID and authentication method, and while clients will re-authenticate when they roam between them,
you can support multiple clients.

New Contributor
Thanks - how do I tell if both are the unleashed version?

Ordering part number, on the bottom label will start 9U1-R600-xxxx for Unleashed, 901-R600-xxxx for standard Solo/Standalone image.

apart from ordering info, if your AP's are running firmware version like & then you are running unleashed solution.