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Client gets IP address before authentication

New Contributor
We are using web authentication and the problem is that clients are getting the IP address before entering the credentials, and they can ping, telnet on to other IP's on the same subnet etc.

Any ideas how solve this issue?

Esteemed Contributor II
WebAuth clients are allowed to ARP, DHCP, DNS only before authentication, when they are allowed full network access.

Add Client Isolation to the WLAN, to prevent same AP client communications that you describe beforehand.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for quick reply. So from your comment it looks like I shouldn't be able to ping or telnet on to other devices before authentication?
Also let me know if I am correct thinking that client isolation will prevent communication between clients after authentication?

What I want to achieve is that users should not be able to ping, telnet or do a packet capture before authentication but could do everything once authenticated?