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Client Isolation

New Contributor

We have a Ruckus WLAN for our retirement resident facility. Initially we had client isolation turned on but that didn't work past the first resident when they moved in with 2 computers and a wireless printer so we turned that off. Now we have over 100 residents each with their own varied wireless devices that they want to connect to, but the problem is they also connect to their neighbors devices. For example Resident A has a computer and a OJ760 printer, Resident B also has a computer and a OJ760 printer. They are always connecting to the others printer and printing their documents onto the others printer. I want to isolate Resident A and all of his devices from Resident B and all of his devices. It looks like Dynamic Pre Shared Keys come close to that but do they actually isolate the individuals without having to build out 150 VLANs?


New Contributor II

hum... DPSK should be the way to do this (a great way, I think), but you have to create a vlan for each resident, even because if the printer and the laptop (or the laptop and the tablet) are on different AP will not communicate each other.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi, in your case the best is to combine DPSK with different VLANs.

DPSK is designed to increase security but doesn't avoid cross traffic between devices in the same SSID or VLAN.

Client isolation will block any L2 traffic between your users, so you shouldn't use in this case (since you want the resident to use his printer that is in the same VLAN).

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