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Captive portal and different dhcp scopes

New Contributor

Our school consists of around 1200 students and I'd like them to be able to connect to a single WLAN and authenticate using the captive portal, we are using a Zone Director 3000.

We use /24 subnet masks so this doesn't allow for enough IPs.

We have many VLANs set up and our DHCP scopes give out the following IPs, for example -

Vlan 71 - - 71.253
Vlan 72 - - 72.253
Vlan 73 - - 73.253
Vlan 74 - - 74.253

Is there any way to set up a single SSID to use the captive portal linked to Active Directory to give the user an IP address depending upon the role they are set up in on the Zone Director?

So the role settings state that year 7's use the vlan 71, year 8's use vlan 72 etc.

Thanks in advance 🙂 

Hello Ben,

I am afraid with this requirement you cannot use Captive Portal authentication. 

This can only be achieved using 802.1X authentication with Dynamic VLAN where the users who connect to a SSID get VLAN assigned based on their Group attributes. 802.1X authentication requires a Radius server.


Valued Contributor II

quick question,

are these VLAN location specific? like in X building you want users to get IP from Vlan 71 - - 71.253 etc?


I see where you are going with that. Are you going to suggest to use VLAN over ride option in WLAN Groups if the VLANs are location specific?

no i m not going in that direction...