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unleashed splash page.................

New Contributor II
I recently deployed my first Unleashed system. I have had no problems with the installation so far, and it really was easy to explain to the owner, and made the solution a cost effective solution compared to competitors without a controller..Finally!!  

My question is: I could not find a place within the GUI to create a splash page for users to confirm that they understand the expectations of the user. (no adult sites, torrents, etc...)

Can anyone tell me where this is within the Unleashed GUI, or let me know if it is not available. My guess is that it is called some name no one has ever heard of..  Like most of Ruckus, I may need to get my Ruckus to Network Admin terminology guide out..  lol

Thanks all


Not sure I’m referencing the same thing you’re talking about, but if you have a WLAN with the Guest Access Usage Type, this is easily done by checking Terms of Use when creating a New Guest Access Service and this may be found by clicking System & Admin, Services and Guest Access Service.

New Contributor III
Yeah, WiFi Guy wanted to do this with a standard WLAN and not use a guest wlan.