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"heartbeats lost" after upgrade to Unleashed

I have a tiny network with 2 R600s in Unleashed mode.  Last night, I upgraded to the latest ( that apparently came out about a week ago. Multiple times after that, I'm seeing "heartbeats lost" messages.

Looking at the switch ports, I'm not losing link - the last up/down of the links was the reboot after the upgrade.

Also weird is that this is a 2 AP setup, and there are reports for both APs. How does an AP lose a heartbeat from itself?

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RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Bway NOC,

The heartbeat starts from the non-master AP and is sent to the Master AP that is acting as a Controller which then responds back.  So you will see heartbeat loss messages on either side if they do not see the messages.  Usually a single heartbeat is a momentary loss of connectivity between the two devices, it may be either the AP or (more likely) the Master AP is too busy on it's Ethernet or CPU to respond.  This could also be caused by flooding multicast messages.

If this is a continuous outage you will see an AP disconnect message on the Master AP.

You could pull the support info diagnostic files from both AP's which reports the CPU, memory and network statistics for the moment. 

Hope this clarifies your question if it does not solve your issue

Thanks for choosing Ruckus Networks Products.

New Contributor III
I've been experiencing this exact thing with my R600 APs right after upgrading the firmware to 200.7.

Prior to this update, no issues with this heartbeat "loss". Seems to happen at random intervals, with no seeming correspondence to network load. The logs show the disconnect happening both at times when there is nearly zero traffic on the network, and also, when traffic is at a peak. 

Albert - I think you're missing part of my question here.  Besides the fact that no cabling has changed and we had ZERO messages about heartbeat loss prior to the upgrade, if you look at the logs, the master claims it's missing heartbeats from itself.  That makes no sense...

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Bway,

The Master AP is running two pieces of code, AP code and controller code (based on Zone Director).

It may be that the AP code is sending heartbeats to the controller section (probably via loopback) but I have never personally verified this.

But if that is the case I think this points to an issue in the "controller" section of code in receiving, processing or replying to the AP's heartbeats. 

Please get the AP support files and the controller diagnostic file when the event happens (within a few minutes if possible) and open a support case to have them analyzed.