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move unleashed AP to new location w/new master

Other than resetting all my APs to factory defaults, is there a procedure for moving them to a new location that already has APs and a master setup?

Explaining the scenario:  Business has two offices, each have their own set of Unleashed APs - totally different config at each location.  They are moving and will be in one office and will be bringing APs from both offices over and all should be part of the same big Unleashed network.  How do I avoid a fight between them?  How do I join the ones from one network to the other without resetting to defaults?

Contributor II
Unleashed already addresses this scenario. When you move one cluster of APs to another location where you already have a Master AP with the bunch of member APs they simply autojoin. I am assuming that both locations have same software version. 

Even if software version is different Unleashed still takes care of it, as long as the place where you are moving into runs higher version. 

Hope this answered your question.

Esteemed Contributor II
Thanks Nat, and to add to what he said for others doing similar planning, you cannot have two Unleashed networks on the same LAN.

And as he suggested, it's good to make sure both UNL networks are on the same (latest?) release before moving, saving an upgrade
step for the new APs.

Not sure I follow - there will be two masters, each with wildly different configs.  Which one wins?

And if combining them (or more accurately choosing which master is the "correct" one) what determines which master becomes the master?  For this move, I'm just factory defaulting one set in hopes that will prevent any nonsense from happening.

The Master that "wins" is the one active in the LAN you connect your other network APs to.

Defaulting your "other network" APs won't hurt, and having upgraded to same version as new network before move is helpful.