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is there a place in the web GUI to adjust the smart-roam on an R550?

Contributor II



I have 5 APs and for some reasons the boss's laptop roams the most but seems a little sticky to the AP that it starts its connection with when first booted up.  Is there a place on the R550 to encourage the laptop to reconnect to the nearest AP?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @bdillard 
You can enable "Fast BSS Transition" on the WLAN under Advanced >> Radio Control and check if the roaming is happening properly.

You can also set the "Roam-factor" to set the threshold on the AP to disconnect the client when the SNR falls to certain number. This way the client can re-connect to the nearby AP again for better connectivity.

Check out the below article for more information in setting the "Roam-Factor" from Master CLI.

Contributor II

Thanks.   So for the roam-factor - it is through the CLI only?

Hi @bdillard 
Yes, it is only CLI for the roam-factor.