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Has anyone set up Ruckus unleashed r500 with 802.1x with Windows NPS server?

New Contributor

Hi, I have set up an NPS server with an internal CA with a Ruckus Unleashed WLAN set to 801.x and radius but it fails on my Windows 11 computer saying Can't connect to this network. Initially it said it couldn't connect because it didn't have a certificate so I generated one on the computer and then it looked like it would connect but gave the Can't connect to this network error. The NPS and CA are on a Windows 2016 server. I just don't understand what I am doing wrong for it to not connect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @SupWork 

If the certificate is not CA signed and is self signed you might fall into problems. If CA signed you need to test with disabling "Validate server certificate" option in your system/laptop. If the certificate uploaded on server is CA signed then go to event viewer in NPS and you should see the NPS failure logs there to understand the reason of failure. on Ruckus device you just need to create a AAA profile (with correct IP and password) and map to respected WLAN. Ruckus AP will forward clients request to Radius server. 

1) Create AAA profile on Ruckus and Map to Wlan

2) Add ruckus IP in Radius client list on NPS

3) The shared secret should be same on NPS Radius client and Ruckus AAA profile.

4) Configure network policy on NPS server to allow/block specific user group or domain user.

Best Regards