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how to enable LACP for T710 in unleashed firmware

New Contributor II
I am new user for Ruckus APs. I have two concerns below.
1. Does unleashed firmware support LACP?
2. R710 has two eth ports, both can connect to a switch for LACP. For T710, one of the eth port is POE out, so for T710 supporting LACP, does it mean I have to use POE in and fiber port ?

Hi Joey,

The AP power mode will automatically detects and sets the power mode to AT.
I gave to command to cross check and set it if it has not taken the power mode as AT.

In order for LACP to work, the AP has to be in AT power mode

Use "get power-mode" command to check if the power mode is set to AT. If it has not set by any chance, then use the set power mode command which I gave.

I understand. So even both port connected to a switch, I have to set mode to AT mode although the switch doesn't need the power from POE out port.

The AP will automatically sets the AT power mode. But on few cases there are chances that the AP will not be able to set.

So just in case, make sure the AP power mode is on AT.
If the LLDP is enabled on the Switch side, then there won't be a problem on the AP to set the AT mode automatically.

New Contributor II
Now I am clear, Sanjay. If I enable the LACP function, the POE out port has the same function like 2nd port on R710. Thank you.