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Hit a forwarded port on public IP from LAN

New Contributor

Recently switched to a Ruckus r510 running Unleashed firmware and am really enjoying it except for a single issue which I cannot find a way around.

I have port forwarded a local server (on port 80 and 443) and can access it just fine from WAN, but if I try to hit it from our public IP, it get the Unleashed web UI. Usually routers only respond with the web UI if you request the router's private IP, but if I hit the public IP, shouldn't I get the forwarded port?

This is causing problems since the server will be added to our DNS entry as the public IP.
My workaround right now is to setup a custom DNS server internally that modifies the DNS entry to point to the private IP of the server. This works, but if someone decides to hardcode their DNS to a public DNS server then they get the router's web UI when they hit the domain.

Need to see if I can change lower level routing rules or if this could be fixed.

Thank you!

New Contributor
Bump. I know this post is over a year old now but it's still giving us problems here

Contributor II
For port forwarding function, the NAT/PAT rule applied when the incoming ip packet hits the wan interface only.  For WLAN clients, as the ip packet would be hitting the wlan interface which won't be subject to the NAT/PAT rule on the wan interface while the wan ip (your local server public domain name resolved as the wan ip address) is reachable from the inside via the wlan interface, and thus you would hit the Unleashed management page rather than your local server.

I am afraid to say your use case in this scenario will not be supported apart from the workaround you have using local DNS serve to resolve the public hostname to internal local IP address.