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after upgrade to standalone cannot enter default password

New Contributor

hi admin....i got 1 ap R550..after upgrade from unleashed to standalone mode..i cannot enter the default password...already reset many times..but super/sp-admin cannot pass...pls helpphoto_2024-03-14_15-21-48.jpg


New Contributor II

Try to use Firefox browser, and open a new private window (tab) to access the AP, it may able to input the default super/sp-admin account now. In case you have more that 1 AP, you may need to close the tab and re-open a new private window (tab) for each AP to input the username & password.

I am not sure above method can solve you issue or not, but it works for me in our case. Yeah, it doesn't make sense and I have no idea why we need to close and re-open a private window for each AP, it's supposed no cookie/cache or username/password being saved. Anyway, give it a try~

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Hi @wanji 

Thank you for contacting the RUCKUS Community forums.

Could you please let me know if this is a Lennar Home RUCKUS setup?

Please confirm.

Thank you again.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

no..this is for campus university ...want to set up standalone...but cannot enter the default password

Hi @wanji 

Thank you for the update.

One of our Engineers will reply here soon.

Or you can log a ticket using below link.

The below link is to contact us.

Thank you again for your patience.

thnks for fast respond..