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Can't unblock client

New Contributor
I am using R500 AP's running Unleashed.

I had blocked an iPhone client at one point. I would like to unblock the client but when I select "Unblock" from the dropdown menu the list refreshes but still shows the client as blocked. 

Is there another way to unblock or delete this client or some reason it could be stuck?

Thank you.

New Contributor

Does anyone know how to unblock a blocked device? I used the unleashed app (android) to block an ipad and now want to allow it back on the network.

Update: on the android app I clicked on options and under settings I clicked upgrade. I then upgraded my APs, they restarted, and then I logged back into the app. I clicked on clients and then clicked on the "showing online clients" text and selected blocked and done. Then I had to swipe down to refresh and clicked on the blocked client. The app now gave me a red filled block button and allowed me to unblock the client.

I missed several updates, so my APs needed be updated a few times.

Hi @11Billy 
Glad to hear that now you are able to unblock the clients through the app.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @11Billy 
Can you try to login to the Master GUI from the browser and see if you can unblock the client from "Clients" tab?