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ZoneFlex R310, showing orange led after configuration

New Contributor

I have 2 ZoneFlex R310 and 1 ZoneFlex R320 in the company. I have configured R310 to be master of mesh now trying to add in 2 R310.

After I configured 1 of the R310, the led for 2.4G and 5G is solid orange while the PWR and CTL is solid green, when i connect it via wifi with the SSID and password I set it is unable to connect to internet. I have set a static ip during the configuration and it show "Congratulations ! Unleashed Master is now configured !"

Please advise how to solve the orange led and internet connections thanks.


Contributor II

First of all, R310 does not support mesh capability.

Secondly, you can find the LED light meaning from the link here.

Solid orange means radios are up but no client connected to it.  Try to use default settings including DHCP first, if all working then change to static ip.

Thanks for the note. I have reconfigured R310, uncheck the Mesh box and using DHCP. Everything was done in isolation meaning the AP was connected to my laptop via LAN not into company network.  However after its done, I connect it back into company network and the device show slow blink CTL (Network problem. Cannot contact Unleashed Master.) i check my phone wifi i can see the configure.Me.XX 

Is it due to the current R320 being installed and unable to connect? 

The last supported Unleashed firmware version for R310 is 200.7.  If R320 is running 200.8 or above, then R310 will not be able to join as a member.  The only option to make use of the R310 as part of the overall Unleashed network would be to downgrade all R320 to 200.7 as well.

Thank you very much. So i should standandised all 3 to firmware Ruckus Unleashed AP (MR Refresh5) Software for R310