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ZoneFlex R310, showing orange led after configuration

New Contributor

I have 2 ZoneFlex R310 and 1 ZoneFlex R320 in the company. I have configured R310 to be master of mesh now trying to add in 2 R310.

After I configured 1 of the R310, the led for 2.4G and 5G is solid orange while the PWR and CTL is solid green, when i connect it via wifi with the SSID and password I set it is unable to connect to internet. I have set a static ip during the configuration and it show "Congratulations ! Unleashed Master is now configured !"

Please advise how to solve the orange led and internet connections thanks.


You are welcome.  And the R320 is as below.  Your link above is R310 only. 

So after i downgrade R320 to v200.7 i need to re-configure it then reconfigure both R310 right? Since they can't be a mesh. 

You only need to configure one, as the first one to come up will become the Unleashed Master, subsequent APs will be joining the Unleashed network as Member APs managed by the Master AP.

No, you just need to connect to which would point to the first AP online working as the master AP, then other APs would be connected to the master AP controller function.

Mesh is just how the AP is connected wirelessly backhauling to the local network.  You need Ethernet wired connection to each R310/R320.

Okay i manage to get all 3 up and running with only 1 common SSID to as to act as a "Mesh".