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Zabbix Unleashed monitoring

New Contributor
Hello all,

I am trying to monitoring Ruckus Unleashed in Zabbix with SMNP. I have 1 master AP and 4 members APs.

As I have checked, I can monitor this data for the master AP:

.  System name
.  IP Address
.  MAC Address
.  UpTime
.  Model
.  Licensed APs
.  Number of max stations allowed
.  Serial number
.  Software version
.  Country code
.  Number of AP
.  Number of authorized client devices
.  CPU Utilization
.  Memory utilization
.  Number of registered AP
.  Number of All client devices

But I can not obtain any data from member APs. Is there anyway to obtain all this data asking via SNMP to the master AP?

For example to obtain Serial Number of member APs: .["index","","{$HOST.IP}"]

Of course creating a macro with Host IP.

Maybe Unleashed mode don ́t allow to obtain all this data from master AP?
For example with . is possible to obtain MAC address for the members APs. Also you can obtain Ethernet port id, name of the interface, statrus, etc....

Thanks in advanced.


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Emerson,

Below is the OID for the WLAN info on the Unleashed AP.


Sanjay Kumar