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**You are not connected to Unleashed network. Go to Settings? Yes or no - Get to Setting and I am

New Contributor

Trying to log into my unleashed Ruckus app on my apple phone.  I keep getting this message that I am not connected to Unleashed network.  Go to Setting?  I go to settings and check my wifi network and I am connected, and all my devices are working.  But I cannot get into the app, I can't reset the password, which out getting the message that I am not connected to the Unleashed Network.  This is an app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, version iOS 16.5.1.  I have a Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P.  The SN is FEK3808R004 connected in the main box, then I have 2 smaller boxes on the main floor and upstairs.  There is only one green light on, on the main floor box that is connected at the ceiling.  The one upstairs is completely dark.  The 2 small boxes are R510 Series - Primary WAP is SN481972003280 , the other is SN 331802000468.  I have tryed cutting power to the main ruckus box and it doesn't fix the problem.  I have even shut down the entire system and it doesn't fix the problem.  Can someone help me get this fixed?