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Wireless Configuration in Web GUI Not Appear Ruckus R600

New Contributor II
I want configure wireless but the menu absent in web GUI. Anybody can help me to bring back the menu.Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e2135b77e2478c913e_357de25e83242c4fb663c15d53cf4d04_RackMultipart20180112116855pr2-0bee05d7-3a49-48c7-92ad-0837f13812a7-1113871085.png1515742924

Correct as Monnat mentioned the 3.4.0 version is actually a controller managed version, which means the AP is managed by a controller. So if you want to change it within this, you need to login to the controller itself.

if you want to use the AP now as standalone then the 104 or unleashed software should be used.


And to change from a controller managed version to Solo or Unleashed, you need to do a Hard Reset on your AP,
reverting it to a IP address, with super/sp-admin login credentials.  Best to do this off your network.

Thanks a lot all friends. Problem solve.