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Will unleashed support AAA Server - Radius Accounting Type ?

New Contributor II
Because I want to use the unleashed R500 with PurpleWiFi solution ,
but I found that unleashed just have Radius type in AAA Servers Setting , no Radius Accounting type .
So PurpleWiFi can not work properly.
( can open the PurpleWiFi  splash page , but cannot get the access to use the internet )

Will Ruckus add this function later on ?

sorry for my bad english .

New Contributor II
oh , I find the Radius Accounting setting from the CLI ....
and I have successfully setup to use the Purple WiFi solution ....
but it is so hard for me because I am new in using the ruckus product ...

please add the the Radius Accounting setting on the admin UI please

Keep you eyes peeled here:

This in conjunction with release notes will give you everything you need to know about unleashed and what it can do.

New Contributor III
 Radius accounting is not in the future plans for the Unleashed products. Also the CLI commands that may work today are unsupported. Which means that in a future release that function may be removed without notice. If you need the Radius Accounting feature I suggest you use one of our other products that does support that function.

I thought the whole point of Unleased was to make the AP's do the same without the need of a controller.