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Unleashed Access points

New Contributor III

I have 2 enquirers about Unleashed AP :

1- If I buy R500 and R600, have I to buy special licence to make them Unleashed or by default they are ?

2-If I have many Unleashed AP, have I to buy a controller to manage them or I don't need ?

Thank you 😄

New Contributor III
The Unleashed R500 and R600 access points have a different firmware loaded which allows them to only operate in an unleashed network configuration.
The unleashed product line only supports a max of 25 access points. Anything above that and you are required to move to a controller based configuration.

Valued Contributor II
standard R500 and R600 can be upgraded to become Unleashed AP and Vice versa.
If you buy Part no --  9U1-R500-XX00 and 9U1-R600-XX00 - these AP come loaded with Unleashed software by default.

Valued Contributor II
whether you want to run unleashed based network or controller based network, its driven by many reasons like cost and your requirements...
Unleashed Limitations and Deviations from ZoneDirector can be found here: