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Will Unleashed mesh work on R320?

New Contributor III

I think that the answer is no, but before concluding that, I thought to ask the Ruckus brain trust.

I have an existing R750-based (x3) Unleashed network (mesh-enabled, but all APs are wired). I have added a R320 wired first and it joins the AP group without issue. When I disconnect the ethernet which should force it to RF mesh, it stays disconnected. So my strong suspicion is that it cannot be a mesh Unleashed AP (the config page for this AP does state that Mesh status is not supported). Unfortunately there is no documentation that I have found that explicitly states that (as there is for the R310 and H320). I just wanted to confirm that I will need a different AP to mesh Unleashed.


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Ok, after doing a better job of searching the forum, I found the confirmation that the R320 can be setup with mesh on Unleashed but cannot participate as a mesh node. Bummer.

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Ok, is there a list or table that describes which Ruckus AP's can participate in an Unleashed Mesh setup (as a wireless mesh unit)? I can't seem to find such a list because I am not asking about just Unleashed APs, but that are also able to be wireless mesh APs.


All current Ruckus APs have SmartMesh capability EXCEPT the indoor x3x0 range:

R300 (legacy)




Also the P300 (PTP/PTMP as it's for bridge-links only).

Checking the datasheets of the above products will confirm SmartMesh is not detailed as part of the AP's functionality.

If you download the Unleashed portfolio datasheet from this link, it details all Unleashed-compatible APs:

Hope that helps,

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@darrel_rhodes_ji6v9e14q896y  Thanks for the info. I was hoping to find a list of SmartMesh compatible APs but a list of what's not compatible is a decent start. The datasheet that you linked to (which I had seen previously) just has the line:

SmartMesh (on select models)

without stating which models. I suppose chasing down the individual datasheets would be the next thing to do. Thanks!