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Wi/Fi call drops on a Mesh network from cell phone ?

New Contributor II

I have a customer with Qty 3 UNLEASHED R510's  and Qty 1 R610 in his house and when using his cell phone on Wi/fi he is getting dropped calls on his R610? Any suggestion on why he's dropping calls on his Unleashed R610 when using Wi/Fi calling?

Newest Firmware Installed on all AP's


New Contributor III

Is WiFi calling correctly set up in unleashed?

Admin & Services > Services > Wi-Fi Calling

We noticed that the Ruckus examples in this area are a bit out-of-date for Verizon Wireless.  Using as the ePDG for Verizon Wireless worked for us.

Thanks I will give it a try is what has worked for me on AT&T. Hoping ruckus updates their examples soon. 

Any feedback from your test @mark_gabrielle ?