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Disabled wlan

New Contributor

I successfully installed ruckus unleashed and every thing was working fine.  The WiFi deadbolt would not connect to the WiFi anymore and while troubleshooting it I determined that I needed to create a 2.4 g only WiFi instead of both.  That was not working so I disabled the main wlan I was connected to and connected my phone to the 2.4 and attempted to connect the lock again.  That failed and I deleted the 2.4 wlan I created. I then realized I previously disabled the main Wlan and now I can not connect at all to the access point, WiFi, etc.  I have no idea what to do.  I cannot get access to the app since I can’t get on the network. 


Contributor II

You can still access the Unleashed WebUI via the wired LAN port using a laptop or desktop with wired connection.  Just visit and login using your Unleashed credential, then you can re-enable your WLAN via "WiFi Networks" -> WLAN -> Enable.  See below screenshot.

Image_ images_messages_5fb4d394ca9d527a59c47258_c8074e0ab65d0e5911fd84073c1c1233_Screenshot20201118at07.55.00-8378e77a-57d3-4363-ab12-a88fb55167aa-1096000478.png

When I do that I get a message that “This site can’t be reached”

Can you describe the wired connectivity/diagram you have when trying this?

I have my laptop connected to the switch via Ethernet cable.  At this point, after following several different recommendations, I’m stuck after pressing the reset button on the master AP.  The light flashed green and appeared to work but no configure me to link to, to start the setup process.