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Why are my R610s stuck in updating mode?

New Contributor


I am currently implementing a system in which I have 6 APS for a residential install. There are (2) R710s one of these is the Master. Then there are four r610s. Before connecting these to the network, each was flashed over to Unleashed. They are now connected and the Ruckus phone app shows there are six APS total. Two of them are online, which are the two 710s. One of those does say  MasterAP, so that seems to be correct. The other four r610s show to be offline. Before this, they all said constantly updating in while they would flash green lights, then go solid red, then flash green, and so on. Like a continual loop. I then went into the settings for each one through the phone app, turned on the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz because they were off, and now they just say they are offline and I cant even access them anymore. 

Lastly, I of course want these to work like a mesh where when connecting at any location in the house, it automatically selects the AP with the strongest signal. I also would like only one network name to pop up, kinda like a hotel, instead of having to select from more than one network. Can you just hide the other network names? I did this, but now it seems that I'm only connecting to the MAsterAP and none of the other ones because as I walk further away from the Master, the mbps drop. By the way, I ahve a 500 mbps service and standing right under the master AP, I get a wifi speed test of 386mbps. This is disapponting, because at my rental apartment I have a 200mbps service and a cheap $80 wireless router and I get 194mbps speed test! 

Any thoughts on all of this?



Hi Ryan,

Thank you for reaching out to our Forum. As per the issue described it looks like the offline AP's failed to update them to latest code that master AP is on. We would need to update the AP's on same code as Master and they should be online. For the performance issue we would need to validate the band client is connecting to (2.4g or 5g) and we could try tweaking few more settings to enhance the speed. Can you please open up a ticket with us for an expert to assist in resolving the issue at earliest.

You can open up a case from below either way :

1) You can call our support helpline and a rep would help creating a case :

2) You can directly open a case via our support portal :

Best Regards