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Which firmware increases from limit of 25 APs? And why would R310 be left out?

New Contributor III

I can't seem to locate the firmware that increases this to 50 or 70.  

As well, we have an R310 that says it will be left as unmanaged if we update to what's available from the Master.



Hi John,

It is 200.7 version which support up-to 50 APs. It is also the last version which support R310. Beyond that, ac wave-1 APs are no longer supported.

You can upgrade to 200.7 version.

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Starting from 200.8 we have increased the AP support to 128 in a single network (and 2,048 concurrent clients support).  As it was baselined using the least common denominator on hardware, so we had decided to remove the support of the Wi-Fi 5 wave 1 APs so we can allow *any* APs to act as the master role.  As you may know we have built-in the controller function inside the AP itself so it was a tough decision to say goodbye of our popular R310 starting 200.8 which was on an earlier version of the hardware spec.

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It is a shame that the good old r310 cant be supported by future Unleashed software on the proviso the is could not act as the master.

Hi Paul,

Older APs with lower hardware power will not be able to support all the features on newer version and that is why wave-1 support is limited till 200.7.

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