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VoWIFI using Unleashed

New Contributor III
Hello, I am using R500 unleashed for Voice over WIFI. The problem is that everytime I roam during call and handover to the next AP I always dropped a call. Can you suggests any feature to activate on the unleashed to solved this matter? I've tried to enabled some features I've read like CAC, 802.11k or r but still same issue.. I've also tried to lowering the Tx power to minimum because the AP sometimes overlaps, if I didn't do this the call drop is always occurs even if I moved from the nearest AP just a few meters.. 

New Contributor III
Hi, our clients are using INCOM-ICW1000G Phones and the UNII-1 5GHz band are the channels used. We also do not created vlans as the services of that WIFI is only for the VoWIFI. They chose the 5GHz because there are too many interfering 2.4G on the area. Right now, the issues were resolved with regards to the roaming capabilities. We hard-coded the channels and turn-on some features on the unleashed like 802.11k and 802.11r. We also hard-coded the Tx Power of the APs so that they will not overlap each other.

Contributor III
Hi Noel, glad you have resolved your issues. Static channel plan is a good idea for voice at 5GHz.