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Upload speed of 250, download speed of 99 through wireless (Unleashed R600)

New Contributor
I recently helped one of our customers deploy a 4-node Ruckus Unleashed network at his home.  All units are R-600s and they are all wired (no mesh).  I'm on the latest firmware.  From a wired computer (MAC) in his home he is getting 250 or greater speed up and down from the Internet.  From a wireless computer connected through the unleashed APs, we get the 250 UP,but only around 99 down.  This is consistent across all 4 APs (testing standing right next to them).  He is testing with latest gen Apple ipads and iphones.  Any thoughts on what is causing this/how to troubleshoot?  Thank you.


Is the wireless computer connecting to the 5 or 2.4GHz radio?

New Contributor
It is showing on Channel 36, so 5ghz

New Contributor
Did you find a solution?  I'm having the exact same problem with three R610s managed by vSz-E 3.5.1. For testing I used a Google Pixel and Ulefone Armor. With both devices the download speeds were slower than upload speeds.