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R700 & R500 Unleashed - Can I use the Ethernet port to bridge to WAN?

New Contributor II
Good morning,

At home I'm using an R700 (Master) and R500 (Mesh) on unleashed mode. I would like to know if I can use one of the ethernet port on the R500 to connect a PC(with no wifi) to get internet. 

Right now I connect the PC on one of the port and I don't get any ip. I assigned a static ip to the PC and I still can't get out to the internet.

Could this be posible on this setup?

Thanks in advance!

Esteemed Contributor II
You should get DHCP for your client PC connecting to the extra Eth port of either AP...
Do you have a network LAN switch, and will your PC get DHCP from one of these ports?

I just added a diagram of what I would like to do... please let me know if that is possible or not. Thanks!

New Contributor II
Thanks for the reply! please se the diagram.

All my device do get DHCP from my router when using the wifi. Mesh is working fine! But i would like connect the PC that has no wifi to the R500 using one of the R500 ethernet port to have internet on it... when i plug it in i don't get any ip. so i don't know if that is even posible..

 i don't want to buy wifi card/usb for the pc since the ap is next to it.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c437135b77e2479c3b8a_4e50b998f11481e5c781a1864b4c1f9c_RackMultipart201805097282413o3-b74cd6fa-af1e-4757-a3ef-d588a8161758-1854922937.png1525824057

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please chk this similar post

also try this command -
set qos directedDHCP disable

command syntax might be different in unleashed so please double check