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Upgraded to newest firmware and Ruckus access points are working inconsistently

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Earlier this week, Ruckus had an update for their mobile app come through. I updated my mobile app. I checked my Unleashed app to make sure my network was good. I got a notice to upgrade our APs (model r510) to the newest firmware (version 200.13). I did that. Immediately we noticed the internet connection has become more inconsistent. Examples - webpages on computers and phones taking way longer to load, apps not working smoothly, etc. I did re-boots and restarts to both of our Ruckus access points. No success. I switched to our AT&T wifi coming straight from the AT&T router, it works smoothly and have none of the above issues. When I am on my Ruckus Unleashed dashboard, I am getting notice for a "pending" notice for a Router (ICX7150-C12 Router) and it is asking for another login for a "Switch" username and password 

What can I do to help resolve this issue? We are a Lennar home, have 2 Ruckus access points, and have had no issues up until now. 


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Thank you for notifying this issue. Since this would need us to setup a remote to debug can you please file a Ruckus support ticket via and an Support engineer would help assist over WebEx. Please attach the Unleash support log and debug log while opening the case.

a) Navigate to Admin & Services > Administer > Diagnostics and download the debug log.
b) Unleashed > Access Points > Select that AP --> On Right panel you will see "Show system info" , click on that it will show "Save log" click on that you will be able to download the AP support log file.

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@Vineet_nejwala Just tried to do that and was denied by Ruckus. Why can't I get anyone to simply help???? This is affecting my work from capability and Ruckus is acting very unprofessionally to even try to help.