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Unleashed vs zone director

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I am running 7 ruckus r510 in my house on unleashed. I have a zone director 1200 lying idle with me. Is there any performance difference if the Aps are run on unleashed vs on zonedirector.  All aps are hardwired to a POE switch.

I am not liking the range of the r510. My clients mostly iPhone remain on the 5ghz channel and disconnect when far from the ap but don’t move to the 2.4ghz. I created a separate 2.4 ghz ssid but don’t see much range difference on that either.

Could range performance improve if running a ZD or deciding which channel to connect before disconnecting when moving out of range.

I hope I can get a reply from you or someone from ruckus. Thank you


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If you don't use tunneling between AP and controller I don't think you 'll see any différence between using a director or unleashed netwok.

Don't know about R510, I use 30 R320 but it seems really strange that range don't change between 5 and 2,4 GHz .... have you properly choosen the channels ?

What would be tunneling between the AP and controller, and were benefit would it bring?

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Amin,

Having ZD will give you some additional feature which are not related to signal coverage.

Adding ZD will help master AP though, as master AP will no longer take the load of managing the entire network.

On a downside, if ZD goes down, your network will go down, as oppose to Unleashed, where one of the APs will always become master and will server the network without any downtime.

Syamantak Omer
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When would a ZD go down?

What other features/benefits does a ZD have to Unleashed?