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Unleashed setup and then move

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If we create the Unleashed setup here at our office and then move all 4 AP's to a different location, will this work if the AP's are set to DHCP?  We would like to do the configuration and then the techs can just plug them in at the clients office.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Joe,

Yes, It should work!

Though I have some recommendations:

  1. Make sure you first plug just one AP and make sure it came online and you can access it as master AP.
  2. Once Master is online, then start connecting rest of the APs.
  3. Use IP scanner to findout master AP's IP address.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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We installed the AP's at the new location as per your direction (started with one AP identified as the master and then connecting one AP at a time).  We were never able to have all 4 AP's working at the same time.  At one point we unplugged the Master AP and suddenly 2 of the other AP's started working with one of them taking the role as master.  Plugged the original Master back in and the other 2 went offline. Plugged in the 4th AP and it worked with the original Master.  We verified that there is no IP conflict as we assigned static addresses to each AP.

All very confusing and frustrating.  As of now there are 3 AP's plugged in and only the Master is showing as online.

Maybe we just need to default all 4 of the AP's and start over?

I'm seeing the same thing. searching the forum for others.  We ahve deployed LOTS of unleashed networks and this is a first for us.  R650, unleached, latest fware.  (3) APs, only 2 will stay online a a time.

I turned off spanning tree protocol and the issue resolved