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Unleashed network disconnects on dashboard after power down

New Contributor III
1 out 8 R500 Unleashed AP (only the Master AP) is shown connected on the dashboard after a power down on our area. 
After the power resumes, we noticed that the APs were still broadcasting and service was working fine but they are not showing connected on the Master Dashboard. And also, I cannot ping their IP addresses and only the Master AP was seen when I do a netscan. The LED status of the member APs were blinking on "Power" side.

Any suggestions what to do other than do a manual hard-reset on each APs as they were already place on the ceiling (I cannot ping nor I can do SSH on them as well)? 

Contributor II
I've experienced a similar problem after loosing power. It seems as though another AP is trying to compete as Master. Do you see any AP except the Master with the "DIR" LED on?

I solved this issue by power cycling all APs except the Master.

Only the power LED is blinking on the member APs. 2.4GHz and 5GHz and DIR LED are stable on LED status.

Contributor II
If 'Power' LED is blinking then it means that 'Member APs'  have not received IP and so, unable to reach the Master AP. I am surprised to hear that SSIDs are being broadcasted by Member APs.

I would check the switch where these Member APs are connected and ensure it is powered ON. Likewise, check the DHCP server that suppose to provide IP to all these Member APs.

What version of code is Unleashed running?

In 200.2, Unleashed resiliency has gotten better as every Member AP with Ethernet connection is a Standby AP (basically, multiple Standby APs).


New Contributor III
Actually we already done an upgrade for these 2 months ago. I just so happens that there was a scheduled power down on the building. But I am surprised as the SSID was still broadcast on the other floors were the APs were not connected to the Master and no IP address was seen when I do a netscan on them..
The IP address of the APs were assigned by the DHCP server with an enable DHCP server option which remembers to assign the same IP addres to the APs as they were assigned earlier.. (sorry forgot was DHCP option was that)